Tension Release Mat<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 678

Tension Release Mat
Tom McCook
Class 678

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Tom is wonderful and he has been invited back. He's a busy guy but says he looks forward to returning often!
fantastic class, loved all the body awareness before... as a shiatsu/reiki practitioner as well as a pilates/yoga and meditation teacher, it was great to see someone else who teaches like myself with the gentle fusion of many wonderful modalities... would love to see more classes by Tom...
Oh yes! This is what movement and wellness are all about.
Tom McCook is right up my alley--love this class.
Loved the Franklin warm-up. I worked with Tom a few years ago when he was in Omaha, and now I remember why I left that weekend feeling so inspired! More classes from Tom! Love this site!!!
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I agree that it would be great to have more from Tom McCook! I've taken workshops from him at his studio and at the InnerIdea conferences, and having this class online is an awesome reminder of what I've learned from him.
I am so frustrated as any class I tried to view today came up as a blank screen no matter what I tried to do!!!!
Patricia~ Please try restarting your computer and then try watching the classes in Medium or Low quality. If you continue to have problems, please email contact@pilatesanytime.com
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Best class ever felt so connected and loved Tom's gentle voice
Thank You PA. Thank You Tom. You always inspire me and remind me why I teach Pilates.
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