Fluid Reformer<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 679

Fluid Reformer
Tom McCook
Class 679

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This was excellent ! i really enjoyed the variety of exercises, the variations, and the flow. The cuing was very clear, and pace was perfect.
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I love to listen to Toms voice he is always clear and calming and his presence is really lovely. Great class, great teacher!
Wow this was a very nice class indeed, I usually watch before participating but 5 mins in and ran got on my reformer and dragged my computer into my studio! I really love his style of teaching and I agree with Shauna his voice is very soothing and draws you in. The postural work was very nice. I felt that one the next day! Hope he comes back for more classes soon.
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Really, really nice class! This is my first exposure to Tom. I hope we see more reformer classes from him!
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Isn't he fabulous, had the pleasure of a class with Tom on a visit to the US last year, such a wonderful energy about him and a great teacher. Thanks for bringing him into my life again.
thank you so much for this clear instructed session. love it.
Loved it!!! The pace and cueing are great! :)
That fluid movement is so lovely it feels to me when you workout like a meditation in movement. Lovely Tom and the girls working looked lovely!
Monica Dare (uk)
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What a beautiful, calm way to start a Sunday morning. Cues are so clear don't even need to look at the screen. Thank you.
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Sitting in a very dull UK watching Tom's class with the sunshine and sea in the background is a great tonic. Really enjoying the content of this site.
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