The Client's First Session<br>Julian Littleford<br>Workshop 736

The Client's First Session
Julian Littleford
Workshop 736

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Very educational and informative. How wonderful it would have been to have access to something like this when I was earning my certification! Even so now matter how long you have been teaching Its amazing to look through the eyes of the talented and experienced Julian Littleford!
Thank you PA for exposing us to all of the different styles of teaching and the skillful teachers you bring to this site. I feel so fortunate to have this site to turn to.. I learn something new almost everytime I log in! I teach from home so it can be a bit isolating. Its almost like opening my door everyday & welcoming some of the best and most experienced Teachers in the world into my my little studio.. Thank you for bringing Julian back , hope to see more of him.
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Fantastic! More please!
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Really enjoyed this even though this is not new to me. It's always great to get someone else's take on now they assess. Would love to see more to address the various postural alignments.
Well done and informative. Love it!!
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Very imformative . Would love to have more
Love it! Please keep them coming.
very intelligent! please more videos like that!
Fantastic,moe please..!
I would live to see this video of Julian taking this woman through the class, which never happens!!! Also, is it possible to buy a basic dvd of Julian's?
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Thank you for sharing this. Hope you do more of these sessions, they are helpful.
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