The Client's First Session<br>Julian Littleford<br>Workshop 736

The Client's First Session
Julian Littleford
Workshop 736

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Josephine, This was Leena's first class and this was how Julian chose to take us through it. I don't think he has a basic DVD but you may find some good content of that nature from Julian on Balanced Body's website.. The DVD I know he has is Pilates for Dancers
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Very informative! I also would like to see more videos on postural deviations & how to assess. Thank you for offering here! Love PA!!

Scilla L
I am a student teacher and this workshop is fenomenal for me!!! Thank you Julian and thanks to Pilatesanytime for brigning him to us!!!
Fantastic!! I would love to see more. I have just started my apprenticeship and this vid made me have a few light bulb moments.
Thank you Julian!! So nice to see you work with a student new to Pilates. Can't wait to see more. Awesome!!
Mirella Martire
I agree with Jamie!
Thank you very much!
So pleased to have you PA!
Brilliant Iv e met Julian many times on BBU on the road, in Italy he s such a great and inspiring teacher...thank you Pilates Anytimes Clever idea. more and more classes ! Magali Sterlin France
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I would like to see Julian use this approach/ philosophy with another client to see the variation, a male client would be perfect!
Excellent! Will use a lot of it with my new clients tonight
Thank you!!! Wonderful
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