Mat Movement Mechanics<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 742

Mat Movement Mechanics
Kristi Cooper
Class 742

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I will get your mom in my prayers.
Thank you Renee ~ Talked to mom today and discovered she went shopping!!
Thank you for sharing that. You and your Mom are in my thoughts.
hope your mother continues her positive and healthy journey forward.
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Awesome incredible glad you did this one. Best of luck with your mom!
Mom walked a mile last week... twice (and without an o2 tank!)! Thank you all for your good wishes. We both appreciate it very much.
Best wishes and prayers for your mom's continued recovery!!!
Great use of the overball. Can't wait to try it with Swan.
Thank you
Thanks Kristi:) I really enjoyed your class. it was the best post beach day workout. I'm on vacation and pilates anytime is my personal trainer. Found a few new variations on exercises that I am anxious to use in my classes when I return home. I am so happy for you and your Mother. She is in my prayers:)
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Kristi....I just love you for your openness and strength....and your beautiful ability to allow your class to find the practice within themselves with you as the gentle guide. You define Pilates for me!
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