Mat Movement Mechanics<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 742

Mat Movement Mechanics
Kristi Cooper
Class 742

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Leanne, you have given me a very high compliment. Very high. I appreciate it and thank you very much.
Karen, what a testimonial! Thank you!
PS: mom celebrated her 69th birthday yesterday! She "finally got her iPhone" and has proceeded to send me empty text bubbles every few hours since! make it look effortless. I'm glad your mom is doing well. Maybe when she is better, we could see her in a class on PA sometime! A mom/daughter duet! XO
Way too hard for me
Jodi B
you never cease to amaze me. i want to take classes with you someday in person!!!
Direct flight from Denver to SB Jodi!
Dalya, I hope you'll try again doing only what works for you or perhaps a different level class. If I can help guide you, please let me know.
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Thank you! I really like your honesty and use of the words 'I don't know' we're always learning about ourselves and dependent on how the body is feeling sometimes we don't know what's best on any one occasion and can't quite decide which breath pattern to use and should let the individual decide. Great class!
Thank you Zilla! Indeed the process of learning about oneself is a dynamic and ever changing one. When it comes to exploration through movement which I believe Pilates is, I am all for each individual taking responsibility for listening to their body and changing breath patterns or even movement patterns to best suit their needs. Thans again!
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Fantastic work out! I love your classes Kristi Could I ask for one using fitness ball?
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