Quick and Stimulating Mat<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 771

Quick and Stimulating Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 771

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Neidra, you inspire me! Thank you for a great class :)
Great class- loved it- you are a great teacher- Loved the fast pace!
that was great!
Ok classical advanced workout. But, the full sequence, including full repetitions, can be done in 30 minutes, including two and one-leg pushups. This is done by Peter Fiasca, of Classical Pilates, in 28 minutes. That is just a tiny bit too fast. I would love to have someone here demonstrate and teach the full advanced workout in 30-35 minutes.
Niedra is a wealth of info and it seems people are catching on. It seems PA sends her requests from members every week these days. With her experience, Niedra can do just about anything... I know this class in particular was in response to a members request... Rochelle, perhaps she'll accept your challenge as well. Thank you for letting us know what you'd like to see.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you all for all the comments and the suggestion. Rochelle, I will definitly keep in mind a 30 - 35 minute mat class as yes, per what Kristi wrote - I do attempt to create workouts of of what people request in various posts.
Awesome workout Neidra!
pretty good
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Just what I needed with limited time; post holiday party morning!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Carla and everyone else as well, and please do keep working out over the holidays - and enjoy them - Happy endings and new beginnings just ahead.
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