Theraband Shoulder Work<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 810

Theraband Shoulder Work
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 810

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Thank you Sarah! You were my instructor for the majority of my teacher training in Pasadena, with Meredith assisting. I've missed you both and I'm so happy to be able to learn from you again.
Hi Holly,
great to hear from you! Glad to hear you are enjoying PA. I am scheduled to film more classes in April.

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I working on rehabilitating my right rotator cuff and this was such a God send! Thank you Sarah.
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Found the shoulder series very beneficial for releasing tension between my shoulderblades. This one followed by 1094, are just perfect for gently strengthening in alignment. thank you!
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Amazing! I feel amazing! Thank you!
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Thank you so much! I had been suspecting for awhile now that my lower arm was the source of my shoulder pain in push ups and this class confirmed it. Thank you for giving me ideas for improving my movement!
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Still my favourite class when I have a sore shoulder and neck. Feel much much better now.
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Wow! For anyone that works at a computer/desk for long hours, this does wonders for the shoulder girdle. Thank you so much.
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Great way to start the day, thanks Sarah! However - it seems impossible for me to go from plank to the "squat" (probably it's something psychological, but I just can't). Any variation for that?
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Just loved this, I love the he idea of really externally rotating the upper arm bone as this really changes the movement of the forearm
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