Theraband Shoulder Work<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 810

Theraband Shoulder Work
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 810

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We experience so much shoulder problems around us... this class is really appropriate for a precise shoulder placement and a safe mobility.
Thank you !
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Love this Sarah! The theraband & Shoulders, one of my favorite props for warm up prior to reformer class! Thank you Sarah! This is going on my "Favorites" on my playlist! J.
Well done Sarah!
So pleased you are enjoying the shoulder experience! Judy, as you know, I love working with the shoulders! So important and often misunderstood.
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Super, super, super! Thank you and thank you for your lovely cuing too.
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Please let this be the beginning of many videos that focus on issues in the shoulder and neck!! I've been wanting to see something like this on PA for a couple of years now. Thanks Sarah!
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Thanks Sarah, i really like the 'before and after' to gain a real tangible sense of improvement in the shoulders. enjoyed this class and think these shorter sessions that focus on one area are great!
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Love it, just what I need. Thank you.
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Great way to wake up my arms, wow! loved it!!!
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Great shoulder opener. Thanks
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