Theraband Shoulder Work<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 810

Theraband Shoulder Work
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 810

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Perfect warm up, was feeling like not doing anything... now I can go on ! ūüôŹ
Great to hear lou .  Take care. 

Rhiannon W
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Really enjoyed this, a change from what I've been doing but great to focus relaxing the neck / not using the traps for many things. Great to feel the difference. Thank you!
Wonderful to hear Rhiannon W!  I have not looked at this class in a while.  There are many good bits that I will have to revisit.  Take care!!

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This class really helped my frozen shoulder. Thanks! 
Hi Carla , Wonderful.  Thanks for sharing!. Take care:) 

Claudia K
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Just what I needed. Lovely opener
Hi Claudia K, an oldie but goodie.  Pleased you enjoyed the short sweet class.  Take care:) 
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