Dynamic Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 821

Dynamic Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 821

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WOW!!!! Thanks everyone. So excited to have been at PA since its humble beginnings and am looking forward to my next 100 classes. You guys mean the world to me :)
Thank my dear friend Meredith for giving us all so much.
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Yes, another fantastic class! Thanks for the tip on the side plank, lowering the bottom knee to modify on the turn
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What a wonderful teaching manner you have, Meredith. We follow you to our depths w/ ease and joy!
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and connect ribs to underarm was an epiphany for me! So thank you!
An epiphany? Woo hoo!!! I love those.
Love your classes!!!
Thank you for this. Love the variation on tight stretch at end and love those sgl leg pushups - gorgeous & they feel great! Love this comment, "the front of the body manipulates the back of the body". Happy 100th. Thank you a million times for all you do!
Thank you again everyone! I am so proud to be a part of PA and I thank you for all your support!
Thank you Meridith, you are the gift that keeps on giving!
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