Reformer Workout<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 827

Reformer Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 827

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Elizabeth R
Thank you for another fabulous class, Tracey! I enjoy how you always present the BASI work with clarity. Oh...and you do a beautiful twist!
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Beautiful Class :)
Thank You !!
Thank you so much for your kind words, I so appreciate it! My heart rate was very elevated after the Twist. Great way to finish a short Pilates class...finish on a HIGH of what Pilates does for you!
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Always love every aspect of all your classes that you teach - thank you for this 30 min dynamic workout! Just an idea - have you ever thought about putting together a barre/reformer class utilizing the reformer with the jumpboard attached? I think you could put together an awesome class with those combinations!
Great quick workout! Great change for me because of all the practice this past weekend with Erica and the Booty Barre training at my studio. I needed it! Everyone loved the training and Erica was a dynamite instructor.
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Addendum: I posted pictures on my website if you would like to see them. I can also send them to Alex.
Great Elizabeth, so happy you enjoyed the Booty Barre Course, are you going to PMA? I would love to see the photo's please send them to
Mary funny you should say that I nearly did it this time as I do this sometimes in my group reformer classes Thanks for your kind words!
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Love this...perfect amount of strength & 30 minutes. Thank you! One more thing - happy to practice snake twist too
First class on this site and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you:)
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