Short and Effective Mat<br>Pat Guyton<br>Class 839

Short and Effective Mat
Pat Guyton
Class 839

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Totally needed this class this morning :)
Thanks Pat!
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This was a great class Pat. Totally calmed me down. Thanks!
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Wonderful class Pat. This was exactly something that I needed.
I'm handling the day better, and overall my body feels more in balance. Thanks!
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Thank you for your comments. I am pleased when clients come in to the studio in a frazzle and can leave feeling physically good and calm.
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oh my gosh, that felt wonderful! thank you!!!! a new favourite.
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Thank you!
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I agree with all comments.....wonderful and refreshing! As I added the Franklin tappings at the end my dogs got so excited with me as they thought it was a game for them too!
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So interesting....thank you. Enjoyed several bits of this session. Plan to share in my sessions....ESP bicycling btwn leg circles, thumbs up on saw, teaser progression, and Franklin tap & swipe at the end! Thank you!
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Thanks Jennifer! Please do share in your sessions. Pilates Anytime is a forum to help our community maintain quality and vitality... a zest for teaching!
Lovely! Wonderful to focus on the breathing, always appreciate the Franklin method too.
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