Short and Effective Mat<br>Pat Guyton<br>Class 839

Short and Effective Mat
Pat Guyton
Class 839

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Very cool class. Nice not having to try so hard for a change. So relaxing. Thanks so much Pat.
Very cool class. Nice not having to try so hard for a change. So relaxing and calming. Thanks so much, Pat.
Great feel good class!!!Liked the criss cross! Nice idea! I love the tapping and ear pulls and reference to parasympathetics too! More 30 minute classes please
Hi! Thanks for the nice feedback. I agree that 30 minute classes are needed. The lists of "to do" often includes our own health needs, but sadly it is on the bottom of the list. It might be more realistic to gift ourselves with at least 30 minutes everyday.
That was great, love the teaser progression will being teaching those in my next class and finishing with franklin tap. Thanks Pat.
Thanks to everyone. Please feel free to use anything that helps you and your students enjoy the work and feel the body.

That was wonderful!! I feel so awake now =)
Fiona, You are welcome. I am glad that you enjoyed the class.
My dog went bananas too, Angel! Too funny.
this class is transformative!
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