Ladder Barrel Workout<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 864

Ladder Barrel Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 864

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Dea R
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Elastic girl?
So glad to have another ladder barrel workout. I agree, it's one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Thanks, Niedra!
What a great class!
Wonderful class and so beautifully executed:) Thank you!!
Thank you for talking about the angle of the hips in the ballet stretches. That was so insightful.
Lovely workout, great stretching! Thank you Niedra!
This is amazing!
Niedra is amazing!
Loved this! Just afraid to do the cartwheel part without a spot, you are amazing!
I love this! I have a client who is working to do a backbend by her 50th birthday. This is lovely prep!
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