Combo Chair Extravaganza<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 866

Combo Chair Extravaganza
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 866

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What a great workout! Love the split pedal. Using the box under the pedals for the step ups worked so well for me. Thank you!
Love all of it !
Merci Elizabeth !
Ronda P
Innovative lift ! Amazing!
Hey to everybody! I'm just doing this amazing class and my question is: how the shoulder blades during the Swan rotation? Retraction ? Thks
Ciao Elisabeth ci vediamo a Venezia !
Loved it! Thanks!
Absolutely wonderful-- and I love your sense of humor:)
Thank you so much!
Another awesome class Elizabeth! Thank you!
Love this class !! Thank You :)
yep, great sense of humor.... Im going to use "its handle time" with a little MC move ;)
Watching it for the 3d time and...turne green on me again..I know you were able to fix it on the last lesson.

Ileana~ I am afraid that this problem does not seem to be on our end as the video played through fine for me just now. I would suggest, as I did last time, switching between the video quality settings (Auto-Detect usually works best) and restarting your computer. Please email if you continue having problems.
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