Combo Chair Extravaganza
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 866

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I could listen to Elizabeth all day. I love her sense of humour!
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I really enjoyed the flow and precise cueing. Elizabeth's resonant voice coupled with exact anatomical cueing is extremely effective. She is a real Pilates master.
Elizabeth fantastic cueing and work with chair. Love the neutral spine with the pikes. Just what we need!
Inspiring and informative
Absolutely wonderful and her voice is like a dance. With her classes there is always a desire for more. Hope to see more of her.
Sally~ We have one more class that Elizabeth filmed this year to release and then you are going to have to wait until next year for new ones. But don't worry! She's coming by in February to film with us. :)
Wonderful! I love this class, - thank you Elizabeth! such an inspiration!
There is one thing I would like to recommend: please give us the set-up of springs, etc. to be prepared for the class. I always look closely at the pictures to find out what the setting is, but I wasn´t sure here, - did she use the inner or outer springs? Thats the same case with cadillac classes.
But I love every minute!
This class is remarkable. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. I love your expression and your expansive vocabulary.
I love your cues and corrections! Beautiful imagery, so many variations, I always learn something new when I take classes from you!
??thanks so much. Please try a more recent class when you have a moment. This one is years old!
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