Reformer with a Belt<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 888

Reformer with a Belt
Amy Havens
Class 888

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Thank You Amy :)
I truly enjoyed this graceful workout
I used a theraband and loved the feeling of oppositional contraction.
This my first pilates anytime class... Great class
Thank you
Thank you I am enjoying this class.
Hurray!!! Amy's back! Always informative and always interesting and fresh. Thank you Amy.
Yuganda.......thank you! Yes, the theraband will work very well for this class too. So glad you enjoyed it!

Liz ... Welcome to Pilates Anytime!! Thanks for taking class with me your first time. You're going to love this many great classes, Mat, equipment---you name it! :)

Hi Lauren......anything specific about this class that you can tell me like? Would love to know!

Hi Kerry! I told you something would be up soon...and voila, there is was! As you keep getting stronger....with this class in particular, change the yellow spring to a blue one (if you have those choices) and you'll be gaining even more strength in your upper body! Talk to you again soon!
This was a wonderful class! I used a yoga strap/belt for the accessory and that worked perfectly.
Francine! Thank you.....yes, a yoga strap would work just fine too. Glad you enjoyed this simple class.....and thank you for commenting! :)
I loved this class Amy! I used my son's old karate belt. For the leg springs, which was my favorite, I put the magic circle around the outside of my ankles. I may use the circle in other classes. I definately felt it. I also worked up a sweat during the kneeling work. Thank you again!!
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Hi Anne-Marie! Yes, putting the magic circle around your ankles works perfectly too. Glad to hear this sparked more creativity on an individual level also! I too worked up a little sweat on the kneeling work! :) Thanks for taking class!!
Thank you for this class. Perfect for the feeling of strength and stretch at the same time. Just what I needed after an 8 hour car drive.
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