Reformer with a Belt<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 888

Reformer with a Belt
Amy Havens
Class 888

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Hi Elizabeth! So glad this was the perfect class for you.....8 hours in the car is a loooonng time! Thanks for your feedback!
Nice late night class :)
Thank-you Amy, my favourite go to classes. Love the arm workout, great strength challenges for my jelly arms :)
Hi Heather.....yes this class is a nice, mellow one. Glad you enjoyed it!
Lucia! Thank you for this feedback and so glad you enjoyed the arm work I presented. Ah yes, the jelly arms! We all love to work those don't we?! I know I do!!
Love love love this class. Thank you!!!!
THANK YOU Rachel!!
Hi Amy,
This was a great class with terrific instruction. I felt like I was in the studio with you. Quick question for you about adjustments for bridging on my home reformer which is a BB Allegro Sport (footbar only has 4 positions with 2 slots and 2 directions & isn't as adjustable as the standard Allegro). I have cartilage knee issue on right side and get some pain when bridging with the footbar in high position. (I use a standard bb allegro at the studio. I usually put the bar in second position for bridging.) Since there's no "second position" on my home reformer would you suggest I use the standing platform and bridge from a flat position or should I put the bar up and pointed to the back? Thanks!
Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for your comments! Regarding your questions about bridging.....yes, I would suggest using the standing platform for your bridging position which could very easily minimize some of the pain you might be experiencing. I occasionally feel some pain on my left knee (old injury) and I often will lower the bar or go to the platform. I have to really get into my hamstrings!! Hope this helps....let me know!
Thanks Amy! That's helpful. I'm going to stick with the platform. When I did PT for my knees, the therapist used a reformer and had me do all my bridging from a flat position until I strengthened my outer quads enough to fully support the knee joint. Thanks again for all the great programs at PA that introduce me to to new ways to work on the reformer. All your instructors are fabulous!
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