Reformer with a Belt<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 888

Reformer with a Belt
Amy Havens
Class 888

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I LOVE the quality of your classes Amy
I LOVE the quality of your classes Amy
Hi Arabelle, thank you so, so much!!
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Seems like a stumbled upon an oldie but goody! Thank you, Amy! I am new to this platform and you are my favorite instructor so far, very much appreciated!
Deepa R
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Really enjoyed this class! I think you might be my favorite instructor so far--clear and precise. I really appreciate that! Thank you!
Hi Katherine  -- welcome to Pilates Anytime and so glad you've found us, and me!!  Wonderful to have you here with us!
Thank you so much Deepa !  This is such a nice compliment!
This is one of Amy’s workouts that is always in rotation in my queue. Really like the use of a belt for resistance. Nice shoulder girdle workout too. Love Amy’s cuing and variety of classes.
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Old workout but a great one!  Loved it
Thank you Rachel R !  It's kind of fun to see these old classes getting watched and taken!
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