Mat for Menopause<br>Carolyne S.<br>Class 892

Mat for Menopause
Carolyne S.
Class 892

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It's an honor to have Carolyne!
Wow! Loved it. Thank you Carolyne.
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Not only am I menopausal but I also had a bad fall April 2012 resulting in psoas spasms. The injury still grumbles but this class always sorts me out and makes me feel better.
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Loved this workout! I am menopausal and would love more workouts geared toward my continual changing and sometimes limited restricted movement. Please add more of your classes to the Pilates Anytime forum. I don't have local access to pilates classes.
Beautiful Class! I loved it and Carolyne, your cueing is so good! Perfect pace for me. I can't wait to try your Menopause classes! Thank you!
I really like your class and your voice is so beautiful....
Thank you for your lovely comments everyone.
Great class--even for guys. Wish there were more from Carolyne, especially without props. I was a little confused with the first part though. I wasn't exactly sure what was supposed to be moving where.
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Carolyne, I needed exactly this class today. Amazing flow. Each exercise perfectly planned, preparing you for the next. How you connected many of the spinal articulations with rocking such as in pelvic curls with thoracic flexion/rolling, rocking into climb-a-tree, and rolling like a ball into rollovers then before I knew it I was rolling right into teasers...effortlessly! Thank you for teaching me today.The way you sequenced this class is genius.
Really love this class. Yes the sequencing is perfect and your voice is so mesmerising. Love how you sneak those challenging exercises in ;) Thanks Carolyne - more please
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