Mat for Menopause
Carolyne S.
Class 892

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Dont know how I missed this Carolyn, but glad I found it. What a lovely paced class with some lovely challenging moves which appear just at the right moment to surprise you nice job...
It's so wonderful to take a class with you again! I love it. Hope to see you soon somewhere in the globe! In the meantime I'll enjoy your teaching on PA
So nice to connect with some old friends here. Thank you for watching :)
After having the menopause course with you in London , I double enjoyed your mat class at pilates anytime!!
Once again, thank you for the spectacular workshop!!!
I hope I see you soon!??
What a wonderful class lead with such a calming voice and precise instructions! I hope you will come to Canada and give a seminar Carolyne! I agree with everyone there should be more classes by you here on Pilates Anytime!
Hi Perla, I just saw your message here :) I was so happy to see you back in class again in London. Hopefully, we will meet again. Always lovely to have your presence in class.

Lorraine, thank you for your lovely comment. I will be in Vancouver May 1-3 if you are interested!

How wonderful to invest so much time in breathing at the beginning of the class! The whole workout was very smooth and I felt so good at the end.
Thank you Carolyne!
So happy to have found you! Hoping to see more of you here!
- Kavitha (the official stalker)
Sorry I did not see your reply until today Carolyne! Vancouver would have been to far away as I am in Ottawa, Ontario. I just subscribed to your blog, so hopefully I'll find something closer. I just watched your class again today and love it just as much as I did a year ago!
What a lovely lady, could listen to you all day. The focus on thoracic spine in bridge and curl ups was fabulous as was the entire class. Thank you....more mat classes please
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