Mini Spine Corrector<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 912

Mini Spine Corrector
Niedra Gabriel
Class 912

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perfect shoulder warmup, I often feel tight going right onto my Reformer so this was wonderful :)
Thank You Niedra
Oh, thank you! I just rec'd a Spine corrector and this is a nice little routine I can use to open up my shoulders and continue to improve my posture.
Grazie from Italy!
Niedra Gabriel
I just love that you are in Italy and enjoying this class. Prego ( I think this is thank you is in Italian.)
Ciao Niedra!
Grazie is Thank you! Prego is You're Welcome!
Love these short focused routines, Niedra. The twisting oblique movement is especially nice.
Niedra Gabriel
Grazie Pamela, I need to get my italian straightened out for better effectiveness.
and Holly - you are just a busy bee veiwing all the routines, I love it.
This was amazing! What a fabulous spine workout. And in just ten minutes. I can take a break from my computer everyday to do this easily. Thanks so much!!
I am a writer so I cannot tell you how wonderful the stretches work for me after a long day of writing. Thank you thank you thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
You are welcome Stacey, I often spend a lot of, sorry to say, hunched up computer time, so I do know how wonderful it feels to get your body back. Glad the stretches did the trick for you.
Thank you Niedra- I enjoy your teaching so much- your love for your work really shines thru!
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