Lower Body Wunda Chair<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 913

Lower Body Wunda Chair
Niedra Gabriel
Class 913

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just attempted this lovely class with Niedra and the website failed to play several times. no luck today.
Lovely workout Niedra. I'm very grateful for this workout since I am struggling with Achilles Tendonitis. Also very helpful for clients of mine who need help with balance! Thank you so much for sharing some new moves to me :)
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Diane and Leah, So sorry to hear the website is not working for you Diane, someone will get to you with help I am sure. Lea, so glad you enjoyed this work and found it helpful.
Happy Holidays.
Thank you Niedra for sharing your knowledge and Pilates enthusiasm! I believe you kept to spring tension constant throughout the workout. At what level did you place the springs? Thank you and Happy New Year!
Niedra this was awesome.. good challenge for the feet and legs. I did this post a mat workout and legs felt great after... as you said the towel work is a fantastic way to get the circulation going in the feet.. it is one of Lolita's favourites... we also use pencils and small balls to work the soles of the feet and the toes.. great for the older generation as well.. wonderful work again :)
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Ladies - I am answering both Tiffany and Anita in this post.

Tiffany - If I did not get on and off the chair so I must have kept the springs at one tension, I am looking at the chair and it is a balanced body one - so yes I expect it was 2 middle springs ( sorry not to be more specific, the filming was done months ago and I simply don't remember, but knowing me, I tested the Spring tension before my workout, and set a tension I felt could support my workout for my strength and body weight.)
Anita, glad you enjoyed the workout and you sound like you give a lot of support and good value to your clients as a teacher - keep up the good work.
I liked this workout. I wanted a little more, pull-ups press-down, spine stretch forward. I didn't know what spring setting you were working on.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Lauren,
Thank you for your comments and next time I will make sure to explain the spring settings I am using in the routines. I believe I had everything at one setting in this recording , although I am not sure about this - it was filmed while ago. Probably a medium tension setting.
I too love the pull ups and press downs and spine stretch exercises so will add them in next time I film a chair routine.
Happy new and "pulled in and up" New Year to you
Perfect as usual !! Thank You Niedra and Happy New Year :)
I knew this was a "mini" workout coming in so I did Amy's spine corrector workout in addition, the combination worked great. I have loved all of your Chair and Reformer workouts as your cuing and flow is inline with how I like to be taught. I did not see you change springs and I kept mine the same also. I think it is an individual thing based on capabilities but in this medium worked all the way through.
and I am a little over the edge myself ;) ;)
Quick, fun, and functional. I have a lot of elderly clients and we always start our sessions with foot work and balance. Thanks for some new ideas and refreshing some older ones for me. Always love your integrity Niedra!
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