Lower Body Wunda Chair<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 913

Lower Body Wunda Chair
Niedra Gabriel
Class 913

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Niedra Gabriel
Glad you both enjoyed the chair workout Laurel and Yogunda, The Wunda Chair is always so varied and interesting, I hope you both continue to enjoy it.
love this with all the variations for the feet. I love the double leg stretch over the back. it's very challenging, although not as hard as it looks. very fun.
I too have a lot of elderly clients who will benefit from this! I am excited to teach it to some of them tomorrow morning! They will probably complain a lot but will thank me afterwards I hope.xx
Niedra Gabriel
I hope you had fun with your clients Jenny. so glad you and Suzy enjoyed these combinations.
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With a history of plantar fasciitis, I recognize many of the movements, and having a short class focusing on balance and the feet is very helpful. I enjoy your presentation!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Nancy I am glad you enjoyed the class
Carolan A
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i truly enjoyed...
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A very enjoyable class. I loved the toe-towel game and the double leg stretch on the short side, which made me fire some abs I never thought I had.
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Thanks for this great workout Niedra, especially loved the challenging double leg stretch and the last exercise forward lunge with grande ronde de jambe leg. 
Niedra Gabriel
Rachel R thank you for your comment and so pleased you enjoyed the challenge.
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