Invigorating Mat<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 951

Invigorating Mat
Melissa Connolly
Class 951

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Bravo to Melissa Connelly that brillantly give us a tonic class with all the exercices needed to wake up every part of our body in a very short time! well done Melissa! We need more mat classes like for people how have so little time to work out during the week and still want to do some exercices (please take notes of that please, I m sure many will be as happy as me!).
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Melissa ohhhhhh boom bang ! 20 mins COOL!! Like a power workout! Loved it but hate the boomerang! That I can't do but will continue to practice I find it difficult to clasp my hands behind my back. :((
I guess I am a level 2 wanna be 3 but ........ practice more for me. Liked the fast speed, intense but full of very good queing. Thanks so much.
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Fantastic...loved the warmup progression too! So efficient & challenging. Thank you!
Thank you for the positive responses!!! I love the quick workouts because often it is all that I have time to do. Today I did the video with my 3 year old son mimicking me on his yoga mat next to mine!!!
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Awesome!! Definitely going to be a go-to routine when I'm short on time.
Sarah N
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Love the warm up! Great quickie workout after a LONG day!
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This was the first class I tried on and I loved it! Such a good instructor, and I worked up a little sweat. Felt so good!
Welcome Angela!!! Enjoy the many different classes that Pilates Anytime has to offer! So glad you liked my class!
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Great workout! Short and sweet :)
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Yay! Thanks Melissa, love the short workouts I can fit in while my 21 month old naps. Sometimes if she is awake I can get her to "do pilates" with me, but once she starts bouncing on my stomach the workout is over!
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