Invigorating Mat<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 951

Invigorating Mat
Melissa Connolly
Class 951

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Loved it! Thank you!
Danita R
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Perfect pace and grear choice of exercises for a short workout! Thanks!!
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More class's from Melissa please!!!
oh yes!! more please!!
This was a great workout in 20 minutes. But I'm confused by this site's definition of "deliberate," "moderate" and "accelerated" pace. I would have categorized this as accelerated. I would assume that a deliberate class would focus on fewer poses, held for longer, with more focus on form. Moderate would be somewhere in between.
Hannah ~ Thank you for your feedback. You are correct in your definitions of the pace of the classes. It can be difficult to decide what pace the class should be because it is subjective. After reviewing this class, I have decided to keep it at a moderate pace. When I compare it to other classes we have, the pace is slower than our accelerated classes. You can watch Class 1010 to see the difference.
Beautiful class! Very efficient. Love it.
Amazing workout. I actually joined this site just to do this workout! She knows what she is doing.
Short and sweet!!! Time and body efficient :)
Great challenging quick and efficient! Bravo!
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