Invigorating Mat<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 951

Invigorating Mat
Melissa Connolly
Class 951

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Short workouts are great! Let's try to do some extension in the spine next time. I just did swan and single leg kick at the end to complete the workout for myself.
Man, am I awake! If I could "like" this one 75 times in a row I would!
Loved! Loved! Loved this class! The flow was absolutely perfect. I loved the variations. I love how it never stopped moving and the breath work was precise and made sense. I had fun doing this class. Looking forward to more classes with you.
More workouts from Melissa please!
How good was that. Had a day when I haven't managed to fit in a class until quite late at night. Feel much better now.
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Wonderful quick and beautiful flow to your workout! Thx :D
Wow this was awesome- what a great way to jumpstart the day! I combined this with another 35 min class and feel excellent.
Wow, challenging quick full body workout, thank you! 
Shona Croft
Perfect 20 minute class Melissa THANKYOU x
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