Reformer for a Healthy Spine<br>Brent Anderson<br>Class 988

Reformer for a Healthy Spine
Brent Anderson
Class 988

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This man is so gifted. The things he can "see" in the person if front of him is truely a true testiment to the hrs and years of practice . I learn so much everytime he his on PA. Kristi I know so much what it feels like to suffer with pleurisy. Its so wonderful to take that full cleansing breath and feel the expansion in your rib cage opening up.. I could see it on your face.. How fortunate you are to be able to be exposed to such a wonderful session. I am jealous as always.
Kristi it was so great to see and hear your response...Brent, your conceptual translations are powerful and have broad impact... although you were responding to Kristi's needs, nearly everyone can benefit from the foci you offered... my problem-child hip LOVED this class. Many thanks to you both.
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"Everything can change..." Absolutely beautiful movement Kristi... and such profound and touching teaching. Thank you for being so open!
Inspirational! Such a pleasure to watch Brent teach - I learn so much every time.

Thank you - Kristi, Brent and PA
Beautiful to watch you both respond to each other and see how profound movement can be. I hope you're feeling better, inside and out x
Thank you so much filming this special session... Brent is a person who heals your soul through your body and reconnect them
amazing.. I almost cried just by watching that mermaid variation... it was breath taking...Köszönöm
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Beautiful class, so precise and clear with so much information. And wonderful to see a class taught to the 'client' (if I may say that Kristi) rather than showing a choreography.
Sharon T
This video hit all the marks that matter to me, with the possible exception of more details about how the exercises as shown relate to a healthy spine. I also applaud Kristi for sharing the emotional part of this approach to doing Pilates, and Brent's sensitive response. Lastly, I think it would be good to say something about which exercises can be done safely when there is back pain or discomfort, and which ones should not be done.
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That was a beautiful body feels wonderful and I didn't even move..just watched Brent move Kristi!
Susan, we can make a lot of money teaching Pilates that doesnt even require the particpant to move. Smiling, thank you!
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