Foot and Leg Alignment<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Tutorial 997

Foot and Leg Alignment
Deborah Lessen
Tutorial 997

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Love this class so much! I ordered and received Deborah's footbar this week. The footbar is beautiful and very well made. Can't wait to introduce this new piece to my clients! Thank you PA and big thank you to Deborah Lessen!
Thank you for sharing your experience Dolly!
Dolly, I'm so glad you are pleased with the FootBar. Can't wait to hear the new ways you invent to use it!
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I have very weak ankles and poor balance from MS. In addition, I have very painful spasticity in my feet, legs, hips-well, my whole body. I have found that Pilates is key to combating the spasticity. This class is an answer to prayer about my poor feet, ankles & balance. You can bet I will be purchasing the bar & circle ASAP! Thank you Deborah Lessen! P.S. I can't wait to share it with my sister who has has broken metatarsals & foot surgery! :)
Myriam Kane
Excellent...thank you!!
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Thank you Deborah! Your work shop is so valuable. My daughters will greatly benefit from this practice as will their joints that stack above. The timing for me with this video is right on. Thanks
Very helpfull, thank you!
Loved this lesson. So many of our issues with alignment start in our feet so this class is priceless to raise consciousness to the weakness of the intrinsic muscles. Have quite a valgus (you ladies in the video have such pretty feet!), and have been working my feet to increase mobility and realign great toe etc...but doing this exercises, really pinpoints where the weaknesses are! fantastic, a thousand thank yous....
P.S. am very amused to notice what I do with my hands as I work my feet! Anyone else notice the same thing?
I notice it Leslie! Particularly my left foot...My hands end up doing the same thing! Like all the same...hmm...
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