A Year After the Fall (Blog)

A Year After the Fall (Blog)

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Kristi Cooper —I sustained a TBI back in 2001. My neuropsychologist told me it would take 18 months to heal. When I look back at my 1-year mark, I had hit a plateau in terms of healing which was very frustrating. Worried and obsessed, I kept asking him when I would return to normal. He suggested that rather than constantly searching for the end of the road, just focus on one day at a time and that I would eventually get there. I feel for you. If you’re not already seeing a neuropsychologist, I strongly suggest it.
Taghrid K
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Hello Kristi, this is so inspiring and heart warming. What a beautiful expressive dance and authentic words. You look Gorgeous in that red dress and full of life. I love it that you acknowledge that you're not ready to share a message of what you learnt from this. I think it proves that you are a really true and authentic person. So sorry to hear about your accident, trauma and pain but inspired by how you dealt with it, how you are celebrating being OK, free from pain, dancing and writing what you did. I wish you stay healthy, safe and at peace, living life and loving every second. Best of luck.
It makes me feel grateful that my injury even though very frustrating and painful wasn't as traumatic. You give me hope that I hopefully be without pain.
Thank you Taghrid. I really appreciate your comment. I wish you a speedy recovery and pain free days in the near future.
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Beautiful dancing -- don't stop:)
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Just some information for you, Kristy - try and watch broken brain.com. It's a series of documentaries with cutting edge health experts regarding brain health and how the gut is strongly related to its healing. Episode 6 is especially about traumatic brain injury. Thought it might help.
Thank you Renee and Louise! Renee, I don't think I could or will ever stop dancing. Thank you for the compliment! Louise, I will definitely check out the broken brain.com series!
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