A Year After the Fall (Blog)

A Year After the Fall (Blog)

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Kristi, thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. You are a true inspiration to me and I know to many others. I've been through a similar experience and it certainly takes time. There are still days that can be difficult (whether it's not feeling like myself or from pain) but I honestly believe that somehow I'm a better instructor and person.
I wish you the very best in all areas of your life!
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Kristi, I am grateful for your continuing return to health and just for you in general. I am sorry that you had to go through any of this. Wishing you the best always.
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Kristi it is so relieving to hear that you are feeling better and better everyday. These experiences are life changing. Nothing will be the same in a good way. after such traumas we celebrate each and everyday and that in itself is very powerful. Lots of love to you.acroos the ocean.
Love it, you are so good!! Love your dance and love your dress, you dance magical Its wonderful the results how caring for yourself has helped you to move the way you are. You are a true inspiration! Keep loving yourself, its the perfect way to heal .
Myriam Kane
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I love your message "I am okay, totally ect"
I experiance an iscimic stroke 4 years ago and was told I would not be able do the things I love again ! Relearning to walk and talk properly was a challenge but with determination and the belief in myself and the help of my love ones I can say I am back doing what I love and teaching pilates is one of them.I truly believe Pilates has been a big factor in my recovery"mind, body connection ". Kristi you are amazing and embrace the new you
Kimberley Michelle
Dear Kristy, I have no idea what you went through almost a year ago. It's so heart-felt to see you dance to Prince (#princefansince12) and move through your healing with dance and Pilates - what I have done to continue healing from breaking my neck in 1999. Pilates and dance saved my life, along with a lot of prayers and some gifts and miracles from the universe and G-d. Blessing to you for all you are, and all you are doing....!
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Thank you Kristie for sharing your story. I have shared you story with another who also had a fall and suffered from a TBI. Her fall was just as odd. She was walking her dog , a big lab poodle mix , when a small dog ran in front of them. She fell over her dog and couldn’t get her hands in front of herself fast enough.
Anyway , she has been able to read your blog and has felt less alone in the process of healing. Thank you.
Continue to heal. Continue to dance. You have many many fans and followers and we love you.
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Thank you Kristi and sending love and gratitude and support.....
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