The Studio at Padaro Beach (About Us)

The Studio at Padaro Beach (About Us)

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HI Vicki ~ Wow, I don't know the name of a studio just off hand but I think you get your answer quickly if you asked the same question both in the instructor forum here on the site as well as on our Facebook page. Thank you for your support of PA.Too bad you can't stop by the Studio!
Susie! I missed your post here. With only a couple weeks left of Summer I can only hope we didn't miss you? There is still a lot going on so please check us out on our Studio class schedule if you are nearby!

The Studio at Padaro Beach Schedule
Hi Kristi! You did miss me- but I was able to go by the studio and see it. I was sorry not to take your class- it was apparently the first one you were teaching after being gone- but we only spent one night in Carpenteria. I am completely jealous of all of you that get to live in such an amazing place! Loved the little town and I've just finished a workout in my Rincon Designs tank :) Beautiful studio and setting, and as always I so appreciate your service not only as a workout tool, but as a teaching tool. I love that I can borrow new language and see the other side of things- not just my training anymore! Thank you a million times over.
Yeong Cheol C
I'd like to go again later.
I am from Montreal. I would love to come and take some classes in your studio this August. Are you going to be open in August ? Do you have an idea of the schedule ? Thank you for your answer.
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Cherhine ~ We would love for you to come visit us in August. You can go to the Studio at Padaro Beach Website to see the schedule. You can also find the contact information on the website to set up a time to come.
thank you for the tour.. a Heavenly space indeed !!
Love it.... Like a breath of fresh air. What a beautiful, serene place to work out. I like my home workout room to be clean and orderly before I begin a workout. Helps keep the mind focused on what's at hand. Thanks for sharing this with us. Would love to visit in person some day! PA has meant so much to me. Catherine
Thanks for the tour. I was courious where in CA you were located. I recognized the Amtrak that travels the coast. Surf liner? I would love to visit ;)
Suzette ~ The Studio at Padaro Beach is located in the Santa Barbara area (Carpinteria) - a very beautiful place! That is the Surfliner Amtrak that you see in the videos.
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