The Studio at Padaro Beach (About Us)

The Studio at Padaro Beach (About Us)

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Thanks for this schedule. Would love to take a class when I am up in your area!
Ted Johnson
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It's always fun to re-take a class at home that you also took in person.
Ann S
Wow...This is great to know. I love going to different studios and attending classes.
Come on over Ann! We love it when our members pop into class!
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This site is fabulous! Can't wait to get started!
Thanks so much for putting such a smart, well executed and informed website together. Bravo!
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I joined 2 weeks ago
Took Balanced body comprehensive training at Evolve movement in Raleigh NC with Melissa Kakavas
I'm loving all of the class choices, and great instructors
Can't wait to get more equipment myself
This site is genius, so helpful as I grow into a great instructor
Hi Johna.....welcome to Pilates Anytime! We value this kind of feedback so thank you for taking the time to post your comment. We strive to bring you the very best in Pilates training and you have so many choices in teaching style, tempo, class length, props, name it, you've got the option! Welcome aboard....and glad we're here to help you grow!
Joanna! Thank you! I didn't realize you checked us out. Welcome!! Miss you tons! xoxo
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Hi, I am a faithful member of PA and I have plans to come to CA this summer for a family reunion and 2 wk vacation. I told my husband that I want to stop by the studio and take a class while he and the children play on the beach! The schedule on your site right now doesn't include August, so I will check in at a later date. I would love to take some continuing ed while on my trip so I was wondering if you have anything in the works for the first two weeks of August? We will be spending several days in the San Diego area and working our way up the coast to the San Fran area. Any suggestions on studios not to be missed or workshops that you know of would be greatly appreciated! I am so excited to be visiting California and possibly visiting your team whom I feel like I already know from working out with you all every day for over a year now :)
Hi Kristi, First, I just want you to know how much I appreciate Pilates Anytime. I work out with you all every week in my home and learn so many great routines. My family and I are coming to California next week to visit relatives and we will be in San Jose and Santa Cruz. My first desire is to visit your studio but the distance is too far and we can't fit it into our schedule. Can you recommend a studio in the area we will be located? Thank you
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