Straightforward Mat
Gia Calhoun
Class 3857

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Finally, a straight forward classically oriented class-thank you!
Do you create a mouse hole when doing side leg circles? Love this routine! Thanks.

Rajashree yes, I try to keep a "mouse hole" when I do side leg circles. It helps to keep my waist long! I hope this helps!
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Great!! I love it!!
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Great first class! Very clear and good pace. Thank you! 
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Great class. So straightforward, effective and clear. Thank you Gia Calhoun 
Excellent class and a great start to the week. I love it!
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I agree with a number of others that the cuing was particularly clear and understandable.  Great class.. even had some push-ups..yea:)  Thanks Gia!
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Incredibly detailed and very easy to follow! Thank you!
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This is a wonderful series. Just the right level with a down to earth approach, challenging and creative exercises.
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