Cathleen Murakami
Class 504

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Loved this class, hope to incorporate this format into my teaching practice.
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Been using PA for about 6 months and this might be the most 'complete' class I've found
Laura Anne P ,,,so sorry I missed your comment.  Thank you for taking the time to post. Soooo in appreciation

Josh B, thank you fro that very high compliment!

Alexandra L, thanks so much and how I missed your comment of a year ago - I don't know, but thanks you! 
Sarah Honer, I'm late in responding and now sure HOW I missed your sweet comment but thank you so much!!!! xoxo
Josh B, thanks so much!
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How did I miss this class?! I have been avidly following your latest videos and really enjoy every single one of them. 
I practice both Pilates and yoga on a very regular basis and this is such a breath of fresh air to be able to combine both in a single wonderful class. 
The pace and the cues are perfect. I love your energy and style of teaching. 
Thank you... Could we please have more of Yo'lates?!...
Laurence F ....aww thanks so much!  I guess I was just a hidden treasure ....enjoy enjoy, Happy 2021, and I hope you continue experiencing inspiration and fun!
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By far, my favorite class! It's the perfect mix of strength, stability and flexibility! :) 
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