Matapalooza 4/5
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1065

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Lots of fun and great exercises!
Great Sherry, glad you had fun.
Beautiful class !!!
Love your classes Niedra! Very inspiring and fun!
Loved this class!
Good class...would like to see more with the magic circle.
Thank You for a Super fun class and I'm actually looking forward to the thigh soreness I know is coming :)
Just reading all these comments - thank you and glad you enjoyed this fast quick and fun event we all enjoyed doing together.
Thank you, Niedra! I'm enjoying a lot your Pilates classes.
How great to read your comment here Marianela, I feel like it was just yesterday you were driving me to the airport - it was! So happy you are enjoying this website - welcome to other part of my life, Pilates!
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