Mat Workout for Scoliosis
Madeline Black
Class 1126

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Fantastic explanations! All of the propping is so helpful. I have a question about the reverse saw. I understand the purpose in only working her left side. Is there a reason you chose to have her reach left arm to left leg, instead of left arm to right leg?
Hi Katherine, great question. watch it again and observe her spine. The cueing is to bring her spine toward the midline and not have her exaggerate or increase her curvature. The reverse saw is extension with rotation. The model is a right thoracolumbar curve that is very compressed. By reaching with her left arm it helped her elongate and maintain her thoracic toward midline and not collapse over to the right. Hope this makes sense.
Thank you for this very interesting class! I have a question though: A student of mine has a scoliosis and got braces in her back so she is quite limited when it comes to articulating her spine. After her first session with me, she said her back felt painful, mentionning the extensions we did even in a very modified version and a small range (but she later told me she had to stop running because it was too painful for her back so I'm not really sure she was suffering from her extensions or her footings). I feel like not mobilising the spine in some directions, even to the smallest range, isn't such a good thing for people with scoliosis. To my mind they need to work their deep muscles to help alleviate the tensions their spine curves create. I suggested her to work back extensions sitting so that she wouldn't suffer from lifting her bodyweight contrary to when lying on her belly. Do you have any suggestions as to what to do for people with braces?
hi,great video.I have a question.
how to fix one shoulder higher than the other?which is the most appropriate exercise ?
Hi Stamatia, one does not fix a high shoulder, you balance the spine in order for the shoulder girdle to sit more level on top of the ribcage. Think ribcage, and it will help.
Hi Yumi Ho, I think if you watch the Scoliosis workshop it will be more informative than a mat class. For more severe scoliosis, mat work is not the best. The Pilates apparatus provides support and proper engagement of the deep muscles.
I have a C lumbar curve - so left side is Convex and right side is concave - am confused about what I should do? I know my left side needs stretching but that's it.
this is al amazing - but I am confused about which sides I should be doing the various stretches etc to? Can you advise please?
Glynis, study the video a bit more, you are focused on one area, the lumbar curve, you probably have three curves, lumbar begin the primary, and you are focused on the word stretching.You are not stretching per se. This approach is to find how your spine moves in all areas since it is one spine and activate the musculature around the spine to help support. It is almost impossible to direct you since you are your own spine. I recommend studying the video, try to attend a scoliosis workshop with me or have a session with me to learn more. You can contact me through my website
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Thank you Madeline! I purchased your new workshop and I've been studying the mat class as well. Your research is helping many of my clients, so thank you again!
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