Prenatal Mat Series #1
Leah Stewart
Class 1147

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Hi Leah,I have a client who is 18 weeks pregnant and is hypermobile with a retroinverted uterus and spondylithesis. My gut feeling is that mobilising like this is still very important as long as we are not extending beyond her 'normal' ROM. Would appreciate your feedback. Loved the class!
Leah, such an amazing class.!!!!!!!Thank you! My intent is to teach Pilates to pregnant women. However, your session is great for older people too. You are amazing!!!
Do you have any advice/tips on how to set up a group class where 1 of the clients is pregnant? For example would you set the main group up in an exercise and then set the pregnant person up in their alternative one or the other way around? I an conscious of not wanting the pregnant person to feel as though they are not part of the group and of compromising flow on behalf of everyone?
This is a great class to prepare me for number 1. Are there any other classes that are safe for pregnancy on this website? I don't have any equiptment as I just do the classes in my living room so am a bit limited to the pre and post natal only.. :)
This felt amazing! My body was so tight 'n' sore beforehand...Thank you! We need more of this pregnancy mat work!
Thank you Leah, felt great for my pregnant body and allowed my tip hip and glutes to release. Lovely mobilisation.
Love your classes. Some of these motions felt so naturally right, they will be part of my birthing, thank you!
Hi everybody! I'm so happy to hear that you have been enjoying this class; that it feels great on your body and that you are able to use it's movements, exercises and sequencing with a variety of clients. Thank you for your feedback.
Love this!
Leah than you so much for your prenatal classes. I started practicing pilates about 9 months after having my first baby 6 years ago and have been religious about practicing in the studio 3-4x a week. After my first trimester I had to stop taking my regular mat and reformer workouts because regular classes no longer felt good on my second trimester body. I live in a small town and they don't have regular prenatal group classes, so I have really enjoyed incorporating your classes with a standing prenatal barre routine and walking workout. Thank you so so much! I am wondering if you'd ever design a class for people recovering from a c section?
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