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What a great preparation for gyrotonic
Thank you Michele.  I can already feel how this will help me as well as my clients.
Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, Michele. It's just what I needed to learn ..and experience..for my own back and to take into my next class . 
Helped me understand the importance of imprinting and helped me understand how to imprint more efficiently.
wow! I can do articulations on bed. Love it.
Outstanding! My back fells better after this session. Thank you.
Thank you for that profound explanation.  Now to get 21st Century clients to focus that deeply.  I hope they can, me included.  So much to learn
Thank you! This was so helpful. I appreciate you sharing your incredible experience and knowledge with us!
What an interesting explanation of the true source of imprinting.  I was trying to sort out imprint vs neutral spine. I was way, way off course on both of them so I avoided referencing them at all. This  helps clarify and explains how and why it is used. Love learning 
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