Reformer Series 2
Karen Sanzo
Class 1281

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One of the best level 1 classes!
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Karen you are the best! Such an amazing teacher/educator You are one of my favorites on Pilates Anytime because I learn so much from everyone of your classes. .
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Thank you Karen- really enjoyed the exercise links between the kneeling chest expansion and one- arm trunk rotation- and then again from the facing- front position. Great transitions!
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This really has helped w/my new clients, especially handy the first month introducing the fundamentals in such a clear, orderly, yet fun way.
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wonderful, thank you! I would like to underline what Karen Monteith said here before me: I love your way of teaching because there is always a lot to learn. You point at the little essentials that make clear where the focus of the movement lies, and what would work against that!
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Love Karen's attention to detail and deliberate movement. I work with a lot of older adults and always find these fundamental classes to be of such benefit to myself and my clients.
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I learned so much from this!
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Curso muy interesante. Información y explicaciones muy valiosas. Didáctico y ameno. He aprendido mucho. Muchas gracias Karen y Pilates Anytime.
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Always great to revisit fundamentals. I have a multilevel reformer class and my more advanced students can really check in on their form and push for even better alignment with your cues!
Brenda, thanks for taking the time to comment. It was fun to create a series where the classes can build on each other.
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