Standing Parasetter MINIS™
Marika Molnar
Class 2811

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i enjoyed this foot work very much. so much better than being on the hard floor! My legs were shaking!
I borrowed these parasetters from Kristi and might not give them back! I have done this class 2 or 3 times now and will continue so I can see what this can do for my feet etc. over a period of time. I have some foot problems right now and bet if I went to a podiatrist they would say surgery! I am thinking this work will prevent that! I don't think that is the thrust of this workout but I do feel changes in my feet and legs, balance. I love the way it feels.. all the shaky stuff!
Candace: send me your email & I will send you some MINIS™photos you will enjoy Joan Breibart
Such a cool class - loved it!
I only watched the class today and didn't participate because I don't have minis (yet!). I'm going online to purchase a set today. My husband is a very experienced stand up paddle boarded and has excellent balance. I can't wait to see what he thinks.
Clients love them, so many was to use in all classes. Feel Great to use after a long day of teaching. I take them when I travel take up no space light weight! Thank you Marika!
Always love your work Marina!! I have to get in a class with you soon.
Just the grounding needed for spring 2020!
And soon how to breathe on Parasetterusing the rib wrap to strengthen the diaphragm. COVID 19 is a respiratory illness. 
I just discovered or shall I say rediscovered Ms. Molnar thru an instagram post with Tyler Peck.  I am so inspired - my mini's arrived in the mail today and I adore them.  My feet used to be efficient (thanks to years of ballet) but then age and life and heels and running... effectively 'worked' them out. This video is truly informational and  - again - I must say inspiring!!!  Thank you:). 
Wish we had access to these things.  Amazing.  Thanks  I did improvise with what was around and still feel great.
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