Preparing for Inversions
Niedra Gabriel
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Niedra, I love this so much. You are so knowledgeable and so fun to watch, a wonderfully playful approach to Pilates. Both of you work so well together and made this seem like such a fun session. I'm jealous that I wasn't there to be able to work with you. Keep making these tutorials please!!
Thank you Leslie for your lovely comment - I just sent you a personal email as I looked up your website. Yes, inversions are a passion of mine!
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I'm terrified of inversions so this was great to watch! I don't have hyper mobile elbows so locking them isn't a problem for me. Do you use that same cue for those clients whose elbows actually bend backwards?
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I love your class, I do a lot inversions from a yoga perspective, so i your preparations exercises are amazing easy and so effective. and the how sequence great. I do love inversions, and will practice your more times.
You are such a lovely and fun teacher.
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The first part very useful, as people complain about wrist issues. Not even aiming for handstand...
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How about HYPER elbow extension ?

Still locking ? That gets a big angle at elbow and seems hard to stabilize
Thank you all for your comments - hyper mobile elbows I cue individually - usually there is lack of stability or stiffness of motion in the shoulder areas so depending on what is going on higher up I try to get that stabilized first, and then look at the wrist and fingers - making sure they provide a good base. Once the hand is activated the forearm is often activated and that pulls the elbow into alignment. if that does not resolve the problem I may ask the student to hyper bend the elbow . Sorry this is not more specific - but there is no " one solution" that fixes it all.
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Absolutely love this video... love that you repeated the exercises until the student really understood and with even better cues each time. Such a wonderful teacher student experience to watch. I LEARNED lots from this video. Always love your energy! THANK YOU!
Thank you Amie, I really appreciate your comments. and Happy that you got so much benefit from watching.
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Kara!!! Niedra!!! Amazing
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