Mat Workout
Brett Howard
Class 2886

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That was a good-tasting, energizing morning medicine ! Loved it. Thanks for sharing, Brett :))
Yes, this is great!!! Thank youuuuuuuuu…...
Great class just what I need this morning 😊👍🏻
Loved it❤
Solid session, of course. I forgot about "getting fresh" Please remind me And your criss-cross is SO strong...I think your elbows were at the same exact level in rotation. I've got something to work on! thank you
loved it as a morning routine, thanks for sharing it!
Loved the flow from one move to next. No wasted time in between moves, thank you for the flow and pace
Love Brett and this class 💕 Very effective use of all 25 minutes!
No sorry...way too quick.
I so enjoy this morning workout! It is short enough to fit into my morning routine and then I feel great all day! Somehow the class is both gentle and challenging; it definitely is a whole body workout!
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