Mat Workout
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2947

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Amazing body control. Love these exercises. Elizabeth was one of my first experiences with Pilates. Such an excellent teacher. Thank you.
Elizabeth, as I watch all your videos I begin to see a cross over of exercises demonstrated with different apparatus that will obviously feed into the nervous system differently. I think, like Pilates, the key to being present with yourself or client, means choosing which apparatus will best suit the needs the body. That is the ongoing learning process. Watching you and Norris in other videos gives all of us, that insight into how each exercise looks at their most correct alignment. And I agree, we need much more rotation to augment our Pilates practice. After all, is it not rotation when most people have injuries? So it only makes sense that we need to be better connected hand to foot through all the spirals to better prepare us for life. Looking forward to your next video, which I think is the OOv. Excited to see how you add on to what Daniel teaches. Maybe you will make it up to Canada soon?
I agree! Amazing content!!! Thank you!!!
And... where did you get those beautiful clothes from? They suit you to a T
Thanks so much Debi, Ewa, Lynn, Ingrid. Lots of gratitude also to the phenomenal Pilates Anytime production team and to Zoya, designer extraordinare. Zoya creates my unitards from concept to design to every stitch. For the 2017 collection she chose the theme 'Alice in Wonderland'. The Reformer class has the White Queen. Mat class is Red Queen, Chair class is the Mad Hatter, Double roller mat is the White Rabbit. Such a privilege to collaborate with amazing talent on Pilates Anytime
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Thank you Elizabeth for sharing with us your amazing fascia experience. Looking forward to see you in London again. Enclosed I send you a picture of you and I in London, you had beautiful clothes on!! Really enjoyed! Dolores

Just Amazing! Thank you Elizabeth for continually offering us advanced information to keep our craft on the forefront of excellence and healing.
Come on , who has 2 rollers at home ?
MERAVIGLIOSA Elizabeth Larkam !!!!!
MERAVIGLIOSA Elizabeth Larkam !!!!!
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