Reformer Workout
Amy Havens
Class 298

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Hi Sharon.....and welcome to Pilates Anytime! So nice to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the jumpboard class and do let me know what your client thinks of the workout! Fun stuf! Talk to you soon.

just did this one in the office. I can only imagine what the guy next door thought. Can we have MORE jumpboard (30 mins)... Guess who didnt have their ribs in at certain points :)
Hi Amelia! I'll do another class soon, 30 minutes-ish. Thanks for your feedback girl!!!
Thanks Amy! I love jumpboard! Any chance of a full length class?
Hi Rachael.....thanks for the suggestion. I did another jumpboard/Mat combo after I filmed this one. I'll be putting another jumpboard class up soon.....I love it too!!
Thanks, Amy! Just enjoyed this class again! Please film more jumpboard classes.
Hi Kristen...I'm planning one right now, funny you should bring this up. Look for a new class in the next week or so. Thank you for your interest!
Hi Amy i love your creativity on the reformer when are you doing another???
Hi Postiee! Thank you, thank you. Yes, I am going to get another jumpboard class up soon. I was hoping to have had it up by now, but I do plan to put one up in the next week or so. Stay tuned!
I loved this class Amy! I am also taller (5'10") and with the jumpboard bring the gear bar in the third position. Intuitively I would only come in as far as my heels would touch, thank you for confirming that positioning for me. It just felt natural to me and I just remember a former instructor reminding me "Toe, Ball ,Heel" so I didn't worry about coming in all the way. Thanks Amy! I really got a great workout, great cueing, and lots of ideas for my next jumpboard class!
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