Breath and Endurance
Amy Havens
Class 3028

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Interesting; it made me feel very good!!
Glad you enjoyed this Hettie !
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Very useful class!!! Than you
Glad you enjoyed this Debbie, thank you!
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really enjoyed that!  looking forward to the rest of the challenge! 
Hi Kerry !  Thank you and very much looking forward to you taking this challenge with me!!  Let me know how you're doing along the way!
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Love this challenge! Thank you Amy!
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Great class, just what I needed today! Thank you Amy! Looking forward to the rest of the challenge!
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Loved it!!  I struggle with breath and I know many of my clients also do.  I need to redo this daily.  Thanks :)
Mari Lynn Jackie Hi gals... so happy you're here in this challenge with me!!  Breath is key, as we all know, and happy to hear you agree and enjoyed the first class in the Summer Fling Challenge!  Let me know how things are going along the way!!  See after class #10!
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