Breath and Endurance
Amy Havens
Class 3028

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Thanx, Amy! That´s fun and refreshing!!! looking forward:)
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This was great timing I was looking for a Summer Challenge and this fit the bill perfectly! Just did the first class outside under a clear blue sky on this beautiful summer solstice day! Hope to be out on my deck every morning doing class with you... thanks for the fun variety
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This felt lovely ! Thanks a lot Amy :)))
Hi [Ed.] , wonderful, welcome to the Summer Fling Challenge and looking forward to having you along for the ride!
Perfrect Gerri , let's have some fun!
Thank you Anne P. !! :)
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Focusing on my breath really helped me with form. Thanks! 😀🐰
Wonderfu Laura !
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Thank you great class, looking forward to day2!
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Like always Love it Amy ❤️
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