Mat for Neck Awareness
Cara Reeser
Class 3102

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Cara !!! this class is full of incredible information ! I love your teaching personality :) thank you !! Cara will you be teaching at Pilates on Tour in Chicago ?
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such great work, in the middle of the class I felt like my neck was 6 inches longer and by the end my head felt like it was floating with no effort to keep it up:)
Yes, I will be at Pilates on Tour Chicago hope to see you then.
Really looking forward to it Cara ! Thank you for responding :)

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All fantastic,txs !!
I sang 'thank you' from the top of my head at the end Cara. The crick in my neck has gone and as I type this I am honouring the curve in my neck.

Such profound work but explained so clearly that it seemed so simple - this is the hallmark of tge truly gifted teacher that your are.

As an aside I love that you honoured and thanked your yoga teacher - I have learned so many things from my Hatha and Iyengar yoga teachers too. In fact I had some really wonderful transformation moments recently watching James Boag on Yoga Anytime re cervical and thoracic extension.

This is the work that we all need to do but most won't until pain intervenes. In your honour I'll be offering this up to my classes next week.
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Thank you Cara! I taught some of these exercises in my Mat class this morning and already received a thank you from one of my students saying she hasn't had her neck and shoulders feel this great in a long, long time! Thanks for sharing a new perspective on the cervical spine! xo
Cara Reeser
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Absolutely loved this class, we really need time to break excercises down and practice, and as you say acknowledge where we experience limitations. Thanks
Fantastic in all ways. Cara Reeser you are a pleasure. Thank you
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This awareness just brought my mat work to a new level. My roll up has never been better. Much love and thanks!
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