Down and Dirty Mat
Maria Leone
Class 3364

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Isadora ~ Thank you for your feedback. Deciding the pace of the class can be challenging because it is so subjective. We have decided to make this one deliberate because the movements and transitions are not as quick as our moderate and accelerated classes. Maria takes her time to make sure you can get the most out of each movement.
Just what I needed after a long weekend!
Great flow and sequence. Perfect example of elongation + strength!
Beautiful start to the day Maria! Thank you for creating a class with nice balance and flow that hits all of the body and gets a good burn just where I need it. The pace was perfect with clear instruction and modifications for different levels.
Perfect! Loved it for when I'm short on time. Whole body workout.
I love how this woke me up. Awesome start to my day! Perfect length as well ❤️
thank you for all your kind comments...I also tend to "short" workouts and need to make the most of the time. So ironic that once you become a professional and own a studio the time for your practice goes away.
Thanks! My neck feels good :D
Wow, that was pure Divine Love. Straight to favourites. Thank you!
Great work out, neat and tidy rather than down and dirty!
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